Open Door Sessions at C3G

Fridays* 3pm to 4pm, 740 Dr. Penfield avenue, room 4200

*On Thursdays starting July 6th 2017. No session on June 23rd and 30th 2017.

Researchers, students and fellow bioinformaticians welcome!



C3G offers a wide range of standardized and tailored analysis services to researchers, who
in turn, benefit from our extensive experience analyzing data from various sequencing applications.
For a list of all our services, visit:

Other Services

Software Development

C3G develops and maintains a set of state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools and genomic resources deployed on Compute Canada servers.
This includes pipelines for the analysis of genomic data as well as the GenAP computing platform. To learn more, visit:


Bioinformatics Training

We offer training on the latest software and analysis techniques to help researchers tackle challenges created by complex biological datasets.

Consultations available!

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