C3G – Toronto Node

The Toronto C3G node is located at the Centre for Computational Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Kids. The Toronto node has expertise in Bioinformatics Software Development to help support life sciences projects. The node has extensive expertise in analysis of High-Throughput (a.k.a. NGS) Sequencing data, including both primary data analysis (read mapping and genome assembly) as well as secondary analysis such as variant detection and mutation prioritization for DNA-seq, transcript abundance estimation and identification of alternative/aberrant splicing for RNA-Seq, and peak detection and transcription factor binding site analysis for CHIP-Seq. The Toronto team has developed many software packages for many of these problems, and also has extensive expertise in other aspects of HTS data analysis. We can also design custom pipelines for non-model organisms. As developers of state-of-the-art HTS visualization tools such as Savant, we try to make it easy for our users to view the results of our analyses and learn to analyze datasets on their own.
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Michael Brudno Ph.D.
Director, C3G Toronto Node

Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics - Toronto Node

Centre for Computational Medecine
12.9707 Peter Giligan
686 Bay Street
Toronto Ontario, M5G 0A4

F: +1 416-978-1455