Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics

Addressing the growing demand for bioinformatics

About C3G

The Canadian Center for Computational Genomics (C3G) provides bioinformatics analysis and HPC services for the life science research community.

Building upon two well established bioinformatics teams from Montréal (lead: Guillaume Bourque) and Toronto (lead: Michael Brudno), C3G has created a distributed innovation node with broad expertise in bioinformatics, providing customized and case-by-case analysis services as well as an extensive suite of software solutions for the genomics community.

Since 2011, C3G has completed more than 1005 bioinformatic analysis projects for over 620 distinct groups of researchers across Canada. Our teams have significant experience in personalized medicine applications. These have included genome analysis and interpretation of personal genomes, technology and services to record patient presentations, RNA and ChIP-seq data analysis, and analysis of complete human epigenomes in both germline disorders and cancers.

Support to community

The C3G team maintains an up-to-date set of bioinformatic tools (80) and genomic resources (18) for the community. These resources are available through our partnership with Compute Canada in 4 different HPC centres.

Guillaume Bourque Ph.D.

Director, C3G Montreal

Michael Brudno Ph.D.

Director, C3G Toronto

Bioinformatics analysis projects completed

Groups of researchers across Canada