Get a Mammouth account from scratch

This page will walk you through getting a Mammouth Account. We will detail the following steps:

1. Get a Compute Canada Data Base (CCDB) account
2. Connect

1. Get a Compute Canada Data Base (CCDB) account

a. Go to:
b. Agree with the policy and submit!
c. Fill the form.

Note: if you are a student or a post-doc (or any other kind of Sponsored User), to be eligible to apply to Compute Canada, the Principle Investigator (PI) of your laboratory must also have an account. You will need the Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI) of your sponsor/PI. The CCRI has the abc-123-01 form. It is free for Canadian academics to use the Compute Canada servers.

It will take one or two days before your account request is processed.

2. Connect

Unix/Linux/Mac or Windows-with-bash

a. Open an sh style terminal (most probably a BASH one), type:
b. Enter your CC account password.



a. Open putty
b. Select “Session” on the left side panel
c. Select “SSH” and fill the “Host Name” entry with:
d. Click “Open”
A terminal will open and ask you to connect with your CC account.